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JAN 2024 – Orlando teams

Discover the faces behind the Orlando Team.
The Orlando Suite is more than just a software suite; it embodies a collective commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Meet the men and women behind the scenes who develop, maintain and support all activities around the product.

Above all, we are a cohesive team that works together and takes pride in trying to surpass customers’ needs and expectations. In particular, three crucial pillars of our organization:

📩 When challenges arise, our Functional Team steps in with unparalleled expertise. They are the guardians of client satisfaction, resolving issues with unwavering commitment.

💻 The Technical Team shapes the environments in which our product operates. From user interface to customer experience, they craft seamless and intuitive solutions.

🔧 The solid foundations of the Orlando Suite rest upon the expertise of our Infrastructure Team. They ensure a durable platform, guaranteeing stability and security at every level.

This team is dedicated to help and accompany all our customers in their wish of digitizing their technical publications and optimizing their Tech Pubs daily jobs. Feel free to contact us to assess the result of this teamwork during a demo.