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Orlando Suite

A streamlined cloud-based solution
for managing all your manuals
from a single repository.

Reduce manual revision cycle duration

  • Customizable workflow to optimize team work
  • Content reuse across manuals and between versions
  • Powerful reconciliation engine
  • Change request
  • Review and control

Rationalize to get savings

  • A single tool for the different airlines divisions
  • Multi OEM
  • Multi AOC solution
  • XML / SGML / PDF compliant

Improve efficiency, Safety & Compliance

  • Up to 90% faster revision cycle
  • Audit-ready at all times
  • Right information to right user at right time


Without Orlando

The inconvenience and subsequent cost of juggling many different solutions, requiring extra training sessions, new software releases to break in and validate, several contracts to renew, having to contact different service providers for assistance. In short, a waste of money and time.

Benefits of using Orlando:

Use a single solution with a single point of contact to manage all of your Technical Publications. Contribute to software improvements by suggesting new features.


Technical Writers

Without Orlando

Technical Writers have to learn the complex XML structure to be able to customize OEM manuals, struggling and loosing time at each revision to integrate changes, having to write and rewrite the same content in various manuals, making mistakes while speeding to finish revising manuals on time.

Benefits of using Orlando:

Technical Writers can use a word-processing editor to customise any kind of manual, thanks to modular content-handling, enabling them to modify a piece of information only once and save time by syncing changes in all the manuals. In addition, they can anticipate revision planning and finish on time thanks to a customisable and collaborative workflow system.

A single library for all your manuals

Unlimited data storage, Store all kind of manuals: Airbus, Boeing, ATR, Bombardier, Embraer XML manuals + Company manuals + PDF documents, Accessible at anytime from anywhere, Cloud-based, lifetime retention…

Editing of OEM and Company manuals made easy

Word-processing editor for XML, content reuse across manuals, smart applicability management, customizable workflow for change requests, automatic change tracking, custom tagging feature and more.

Quick integration of new OEM revisions

Automated reconciliation process and conflict detection, side-by-side comparison with previous versions.

Fully-controlled approval process

Customizable workflow, full traceability, revision & customization reports, tracking of compliance with regulations, links and applicability checks

Optimised publication and dispatch

HTML and PDF publications, raw data export, dispatch manuals in a click, control mobile content remotely, mobile app.

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